Meg Myers and Sumerian Records reached out for an animated music for the track The Underground.  Great track, you know?  We decided on a stop-motion feel "Singing in the Rain" vibe, with a Jungian split and apotheosis.  My two-year old and I kicked out some clay sculptures, worked hard on the look, and put it together.
Within Unreal Engine, the whole set was built as if it was a "practical" special effect.  Meaning, zero post, zero compositing: it's one big camera move, with the Forest Set right side up, and the Underground Set upside-down.  It was a lot of fun.  I don't like compositing, so I try to never do it.  I think it gives the video more life if you've got to solve problems with out it.
Below is some BTS as the boy and I slapped this thing together.
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