THE SOFT BROS is madcap animated short form episodic.  Three brothers find a new thing that changes their lives forever - until the next day.  

Our boys (Ubi, Softy and Darryl) ingenuous, curious and clueless, traipse through a post-apocalyptic world like three Forrest Gumps.  The Bros are like a magical magnifying glass: whatever they look at is stripped of its meaning and seen only in amazed, childish curiosity.   Each episode, The Bros discover something that sets in motion radically unintended consequences.  It's a show about the inevitable chaos that is produced when naivete and novelty collide.  
The Soft Bros is a nice little personal project I fool around with on weekends now and then. I try and always keep a side project going during pitches.  Pitching involves so much budgeting, pdf's, business, tech stuff, that it can pull you pretty far away from the creative: so I try and keep something on the side going to keep me sharp on the creative and up to date on new tech.  The Soft Bros kind of scratches that itch, now and then.
The project itself is a use-case for developing a real-time rendering pipeline for a quick turnaround, low overhead animated episodic.  The major applications are Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine.
This is a test of the landscape for The Bros, built in Unreal Engine.  I'm still learning a ton about how Unreal works, have a long way to go.
Some refs for blendshapes for Ubi and Darryl, kicked this out in Zbrush.
We'll see where this one goes.  Some projects are like stir-fry, all hot and quick and flashy with a quick turnaround.  This one's gonna bubble away in the crockpot for the next year and we'll see what we get.
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